2010 Formula 1 Season Review

If you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out. If you’ve ever questioned why we keep watching Formula 1, it should give you the answer.

Voodoo Bob

FIA Press Releases

Two press releases were issued by the FIA today. One is that there will not be a 13th team on the Formula 1 grid next year. None of the applicants met the requirements for entry into the series.

The second press release announced a 20-race Formula 1 schedule for 2011, which is:

03/13 Bahrain 03/27 [...]

A New United States Grand Prix?

Some days ago now (I know, I’m slow), Formula One Management (FOM) announced that it had completed a deal with Full Throttle Productions that will see a new United States Grand Prix on a permanent road course (yet to be built) in Austin, Texas. The race is scheduled to run for ten years, beginning in [...]

Meet the New Boss; Same As the Old Boss

I’m finally getting around to posting my thoughts on the last-lap debacle involving Michael Schumacher at Monaco last Sunday. I had intended to write about it earlier, but I’ve been busy over at Joe Saward’s excellent grand prix blog (see the Blogroll at the right of this page), posting my comments among those from hundreds [...]


Now that was more like it!

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It’s Nice That They’re Wide, but…

Well, given the number of new drivers, teams, and rules, except for Vettel’s engine going off, Bahrain was a surprisingly boring parade. Perhaps we should take up a collection to get Hermann Tilke a ticket to Monza so he can see how a real race course is designed. It’s nice that the new courses are [...]

2010 F1 Driver Lineup

OK, with the demise of USF1 and the selection of Karun Chandhok by Hispania, it appears we finally have a driver lineup for 2010, so here it is…

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes (formerly Brawn): Nico Rosberg [...]

USF1 Out

Well, the FIA today released a 24-car entry list for 2010, and it is now official that USF1 will not participate in this year’s Formula 1 season. As an American who was hoping for a team based in this country, I don’t really know who to blame for this, but I can’t help but feel [...]

Drivers, please…

Ahem…Campos? USF1? Are you ever going to name your second drivers? You’re fanning the flames of Bernie’s speculation that you aren’t going to make the grid, you know.

Voodoo Bob

What’s New in F1 for 2010?

So, while we wait for the announcement of the second drivers for Renault, Campos, and USF1, let’s take a look at what has changed in Formula 1 for the 2010 season:

• Four new teams: Lotus, Campos, [...]