Why is Rocky Colavito Not In the Hall of Fame?

How someone who is one of only 16 players in history to hit four home runs in one game (in Colavitos case, each time he came to the plate) and was the fifth player in American League history to have eleven consecutive 20-home run seasons (1956–66), exceeding 40 home runs three times and 100 runs [...]

Voodoo Images on Facebook

There is now a Facebook page for Voodoo Images. I hope you “like” it.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy 234th birthday to the United States Marine Corps. Semper fidelis, from Tun Tavern to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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It’s a Brave New World at Voodoo Images

Today marks the beginning of the Voodoo Images blog. I can now blab my thoughts at will to the whole world. Dangerous stuff. We’ll see how often I manage to put my brain in gear before I run my mouth.

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